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Your First Visit to Our Practice

Will Chiropractic Help You?

One aspect of the examination process is the sEMG. This is a computerised assessment of the spinal muscles.

One aspect of the examination process is the sEMG. This is a computerised assessment of the spinal muscles.

Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed into our practice. If you have filled out the paperwork ahead of time we will review it to make sure we have everything we need. If not, we will ask you to fill out the paperwork before you see the Chiropractor. You will then be shown into the Consultation and Exam Room where the Chiropractor will meet with you to begin the consultation process. Our first visit is one of the most important because this is where we find out about YOU. This visit will consist of three main parts. The first is the consultation. This is where we delve into your current health and past health challenges and what brought you into our practice. Secondly, we explain what chiropractic is, the restorative and wellness models of chiropractic and how our practice works.

Lastly is the examination. The purpose of the examination is to look further into what brought you into the practice and figure out the underlying cause of any health challenges you may be experiencing. Our focus is to evaluate the spine and central nervous system to determine how it is functioning and find the areas that need to be addressed.

The first component of the examination is a postural analysis. Your posture can often reveal underlying spinal problems, such as vertebral subluxation. Your posture is often times the result of habits developed over your lifetime. After the postural analysis we perform a computerized test to measure the amount of stress on your central nervous system. It is a noninvasive, objective way to look at your nervous system that identifies areas and patterns of abnormal stress and tension.

Once the examination is finished, you will then be asked to schedule a follow-up visit, called the Report of Findings. The Chiropractor will review the information from the consultation and examination to create a specific care plan for you that addresses your health concerns and challenges.

You can expect to be in the office for about an hour for this first appointment.